Meet the Coach

Hello! I am Sherry Maroon. I am a certified life coach and Reiki Master who helps my clients move forward in life by addressing what may be holding you back…mind, body, and soul.

I have recently left a successful career in accounting to pursue my passion of helping others discover who they are and how to live happier, more fulfilled lives.

My personal story is vast. What I will share here is that I have overcome a genetic form of chronic pancreatitis primarily through nutrition. I have also overcome what some may call “people-pleasing”, which held me back from being my true-self without me even realizing it. I lived my life for others, did what I thought others wanted me to do, sacrificed my choices and my time, and allowed people to do and say cruel things to me…all so I could feel loved. I have overcome that through therapy and a number of alternative therapies including meditation, chakra work, journaling, going into nature and more. What I didn’t know was that on the other side of learning to love myself was empowerment and self-discovery. I discovered parts of me I never knew existed. Learning to love and lift myself allowed me to not only discover these parts of myself, but to champion them and live a more fulfilled life.

Working with me, you will not only get a Coach trained and experienced in helping people move forward (or Reiki Master, whichever you are interested in), you will get someone who has been through it. Someone who has had to start areas of her life over in order to embrace and love herself.

Book an appointment now, below. Allow me to help you discover and champion who you are as an individual so you can live a more fulfilled life too!

Not sure if my services are right for you? You can always call 734-224-3884 and we can set a time to chat about your individual situation.