Does Reiki Help with Pain?

Pain. That is a one-word-sentence, but for anyone that experiences pain on a regular basis, that one-word-sentence says it all. It is debilitating, and when it is chronic, we simply have to learn to live with it and struggle through our day, eventually learning to put on a mask to make everyone around us comfortable.

There are many things in modern medicine that can cure pain such as surgery and medicines, but when neither of those work, many people are left feeling hopeless. But before giving up, there are a number of alternative therapies that may help reduce and sometimes even fully remove the pain. One of those therapies is Reiki. Although Reiki is often dismissed without even being tried because how could it possibly work when many times the practitioner doesn’t even touch you?

To answer that question, we first need to understand both what causes chronic pain and how, exactly, Reiki works.


Many times, many of our body’s ailments, whether pain-related or not, begin with stress. According to an article in The National Library of Medicine,  “chronic stress has a significant effect on the immune system that ultimately manifest[s] [as] an illness.” This article lists many chronic illnesses related to stress from asthma to diabetes to tumors and more. The link is attached; however, I feel that by this point, many of us already know that the stress of our jobs and lives can lead to headaches, stomach pains, back pains and so much more. We know this but have a hard time removing the stressors because we feel stuck in the life we set up for ourselves.

So what do we do to prevent the accumulation of stress when we feel there is no way out of our stress-causing life? We better prepare our body to handle the stress!

I’m not going to lie. The best way to deal with stress is to actually remove the stressor. But that takes wanting to make a change and then planning the steps for change and then taking those life-steps. This is, of course very doable; however if you are not there yet or are not sure you ever will be, then at a minimum, it’s time to start working on how you can help your body while in your stressful environment. It’s time now to tell you how Reiki works.


Reiki is an energy modality similar to acupuncture but without the needles. Reiki works by removing negative energies from our bodies. To explain what that means a little further, take a moment to remember the last time you were really angry or sad. Remember how your body felt during that time. That was negative energy, and while we eventually move forward from those feelings, residual negative energy stays within our energy body. During our whole life we have accumulated these negative emotions. And as we continue through our stressful life either caused by work, pain, or relationships, these negative energies compound and continue to create stress and compounded stress, which leads to pain and/or illness. With Reiki, I as a Reiki Master can go within your energy body and pull out what has accumulated, clearing and rebalancing your energy body to what it is supposed to be.


I’m going to start to answer this question with the fact that I personally, even after I began working with Reiki energy early on, never thought it could remove pain. But I have been proven wrong time and again as I watch Reiki’s abilities simply amaze me with each new client I get. I had a client with chronic life-long migraines who had not experienced migraines in “forever” after our third session. I had a client with chronic knee pain who came into my studio on her third treatment day dancing, saying that her years-long knee pain caused by a prior surgery was completely gone. I mention these two clients because they came in for stress reduction, we did not even intend to stop their pain. This is going to lead me to my next statement.

No Reiki practitioner, no matter what they “say”, can guarantee certain results. This is because Reiki simply goes in and removes the stress. From that point it is up to your body to heal however it chooses. Remove the underlying cause for whatever is ailing you and your body can begin to return to it’s natural, balanced state…whatever that means for you. For many, including many more than the two I listed, I have seen pain relief happen.


Yes, Reiki can help with pain, I have seen it too many times to say that it doesn’t. However, what I like to tell my clients (because no one can guarantee what Reiki will do beyond stress reduction) is that at a minimum, Reiki will reduce your stress which can greatly help you deal with your illness or pain a little better. Reiki can only benefit you, give it a try and see how it works for you.

The Loneliness Can Get Better

Loneliness after divorce can be one of the most painful things you can go through. You have spent a large part of your life having someone to lean on, someone that you saw every time you entered your home, and someone to cuddle under the covers with. Suddenly, there is no one. There is only an empty couch to lean on, an empty home to enter, and an empty, cold bed to try and fall asleep in. And when you wake up in the morning, that emptiness repeats itself all over again.

There is a way for the loneliness to get better though. A way to recognize that you are not alone. Even right now, as you read this blog post…you are not alone. Stick with me as I explain.

Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Sherry. I have been where you are. Even more, at the time I had to walk away from my marriage, I was told by my therapist that I was codependent. If you are not familiar with what that is, it is an emotional condition in which I had looked outward from myself my entire life for validation. I needed someone in my life to basically validate that I was worthy of anything. A codependent fears being alone, because alone, they are unable to feel loved. So, wherever you are on this path. Know that I, someone who literally needed a partner in their life, was able to walk away and learn to be okay on my own. In fact, I learned to thrive. And so can you.

One thing to grasp is that “we” count. As individuals, we count as someone extremely important in our own lives. Hollywood, Disney, and the fantasy of Happily Ever After have conditioned us to think we can only be “happy” when we find our person. In this blog, I would like to convince you that you can be that person. You can be your happily ever after. This does not mean you have to be alone forever. It simply means that once you are everything to yourself, you can feel fulfilled without someone. Your life can be amazing on your own. And later, when someone does come into your life, that person will stand by your side as someone wonderful…someone you fully enjoy…someone you fully love in addition to you, but most importantly, someone who adds to your happiness rather than someone who makes (with the ability to break) your happiness.

The trick to doing this after divorce is to put the focus back on to you. There are many ways to do this. This blog is going to cover one process that is my personal favorite. In fact, I continue to use this even today. At the end of this blog, I will provide you with a link to access five more tips for free, but for now, let’s focus on how to put your focus back onto you.

Now, this is assuming you have already cleared out the items that remind you of your ex. Memorabilia should be removed from your house. Contact should be cut off unless there are children involved. Even in a peaceful break-up where you would like to remain friends, contact should stop for a while so you can heal. Trust me, it gets you where you want to be so much faster. So, assuming you have taken those steps, let’s talk about putting you first.

It’s really a process of honoring yourself. And I’m going to list out three different ways you can do this:

If you were with someone, what would you want them to do for you today to make you feel loved?

Perhaps you love when a person gets you flowers or little trinkets. Or maybe the best thing about being with your person is snuggling next to a fire, watching a movie, eating popcorn. Maybe your favorite thing is just having someone to unload your day to. In any of these situations, you are able to be there for yourself. It may be uncomfortable at first, because you like to have these things done for you. But being everything to yourself is exactly that…everything. And after you are fully there for yourself a few times, it gets a little more comfortable and eventually it will be something you look forward to. Believe it or not, that amazing self that you share with others can totally be shared with you. So here is how the above items would present in your current life. If it’s flowers you love, go to the store or online and pick out a bouquet that makes you smile, purchase them for yourself and tell yourself how much you deserve them and appreciate what you have done for you. Movie and popcorn? Sure, perhaps you’ve been lost in movies on the couch for a month or so and it is not appealing, because it is your coping mechanism. Get up and shake yourself off. This movie night is about you, celebrating you, and treating yourself to a full-on “movie-night”. Clean up the area, get your favorite blanket and Pj’s, pop some popcorn, light the fire and pick a movie you are excited to watch.

Enjoy this time with you!! About that daily unloading. You can start a blog and just pop into it every day after work. Unload, laugh, share. Don’t want to share? Journaling is amazing. Not only can you chat about your day, but you can also unload the heaviness that is currently residing in you. Doing things like this…being there for you in the way you want someone else to be…shows you that you are someone to yourself, you can be there for you even more-so than someone else.

Simply ask yourself what will make you happy.

This one is my absolute favorite. Every. Single. Day. The moment you wake up, ask yourself what can you do today that will make you happy. It doesn’t have to be big; it can be a simple fifteen minute coffee by the window or whatever else may spark joy for 10 or more minutes a day. It is a simple daily reminder that you deserve to be happy.  Even though you may not be happy right now, a small reminder every day will begin to set a pattern of finding happiness every day. You deserve that.

When you were with your person, how did you show love?

What did you do to show them that you loved them? Words of encouragement? Picking up the house? Taking them to their favorite place? Touching them? Making a special meal? You may be at a place now where you feel like you have no one to give your love to. That is so very far from the truth.  You need that love that you used to give so freely to the other person. You need words of encouragement. Tell yourself how amazing you are…even if you don’t feel it, say it. You need to feel cared for, so whatever it is you do to show someone you love them, do that for you. You deserve to feel loved. You deserve to be happy…even now…especially now.

Wonderful person, you are not alone. You have you. When you walk into a room filled with your family or friends that love you, are they not happy to see you and spend time with you? That is because you, my friend, are special and are wonderful to be around. Share that amazing part of you with yourself. When you take time to actually “be” with you, it is a love like no other. It is empowering and fulfilling all in one. It may take a little time to fully embrace the concept I have laid out in this blog. One small step at a time and suddenly, one day, you will not even notice that you are no longer lonely.

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Sending love,


Owner and Certified Life Coach at Rise Anew, LLC Wyandotte, MI

What is Reiki? The Response You’ve Been Looking For.

You are likely here because you have never received Reiki, you are not a practitioner, and you want to know what it actually does…how does it relate to you? Not to worry, I’m not going to go into the whole spiel of what the practitioner does or who the founder was. That is everywhere on the internet, and if I’m not your first stop, it’s what you already know. I’m also not going to spend our time “proving” that it works. There was a 2019 Harvard study that has already done that. Instead, I’m going to tell you what it can, and usually does, do for people…people like you.


Quickly stated, Reiki Therapy helps to provide people with calm, focus, energy, and balance by helping to reduce the stress and emotional blockages that bog us down.

The fact of the matter is that we and everything around us are primarily made of energy. Our feelings and emotions also carry an energy with them. You know this because the moment you are angered or sad, it is not simply an emotion. You literally feel it in your body. On most occasions, with simple agitation or simple sadness…say from watching a sad movie…we feel it and it leaves. However, when something more significant happens, such as a death or loss…or when repeated instances of something small happens, such as emotional abuse from someone close to you, the energy comes in and accumulates. It is stored, typically, in its related chakra. Chakras are the main energy centers in our bodies. Click on my email link below (or HERE) if you want to learn more, I will be doing an article on chakras soon.

When negative energies are stored in our body long enough, we can develop physical issues such as migraines (typically stored in the third-eye chakra), stomach issues (typically stored in the solar plexus chakra), or low back issues (typically stored in the sacral or root chakra). Studies have proven that stress and storing of negative emotions a/k/a negative energy can lead to chronic medical issues. Clearly, long term emotional stress can also lead to anxiety (third-eye), lack of willpower (solar plexus), and feelings of not being safe (root).

The above is what happens when energies are stored. Let’s talk further on how you may have experienced negative energies and also how you have released them. (And if you haven’t felt an instant release, this paragraph will give you a nice tip!) Perhaps you’ve been in a public area such as a store or a bank and you experienced watching an irate customer go a little…off. More than likely, you felt their energy as it raised tension in the room. “The tension in here is thick” is perhaps something that you may have heard or thought…because it was felt. Whether it was their energy that you felt or your energy in response to theirs is irrelevant because it was a change in your energy regardless. Once the situation died down, you likely did one of two things. You carried it with you the next 1 to 10 hours as it gradually dissipated, or you were aware of the calming technique of Deep Breathing and you were able to release that energy much sooner. If you ever feel your energy/tension rise, try taking a deep breath in for 3-5 seconds, hold for 3, then release for 5. That is a releasing of the negative energies and will help to calm you.

Now, let’s talk about how Reiki can help to reduce your stress and what that means for you. The main benefit of Reiki is that it is known to reduce stress. Reiki is a technique that helps to clear current and stagnant energies from your body. Think meditation on steroids where you don’t even need to focus…Reiki does it all for you. The conclusion in the above referenced Harvard Study on Reiki states “The results from this large-scale multisite effectiveness trial suggest that a single session of Reiki improves multiple variables related to physical and psychological health.” More specifically, “Reiki acutely improved physical and psychological symptoms associated with many health conditions, including affect [mood], pain, depression, anxiety, tiredness, drowsiness, nausea, shortness of breath, appetite, and overall well-being.”

In my personal practice, I use the first session to help remove current stressors. With that first session, my clients notice some or all of the following results immediately or within a few days: more energy and/or focus, more calm, less stress, lower anxiety, and better rest. Follow up sessions are used to focus on removing that stagnant energy, the energy that accumulated throughout the client’s life such as childhood or adult traumas, unresolved emotions, etc that has never been cleared. Clients who have received the deeper work have experienced some or all of the following: continued reduction in stress and/or anxiety, emotional release, reduction or removal of chronic pain, better ability to deal with stress, and an overall feeling of lightness.

To sum it up, Reiki is a technique that is known to reduce stress, allowing our bodies to heal* where we need it most. Reiki is a tool that does the clearing, our bodies, in response to that clearing, have more energy to care for us in ways we may have been needing for years.

So what does that mean for you? It means that if you are dealing with excess stress, chronic pain/illness, lack of focus, fatigue, anxiety or other issues, Reiki may be the therapy you have been looking for. Our bodies are 99.99% energy. Science is lagging in how to work with it, but Reiki is a technique that has been around and has been tapped into life’s energy for over one hundred years.

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About the Author. Sherry is a Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach and Certified Nutrition Coach with the passion of helping people find more calm and happiness in their lives through work in body (nutrition), mind (life choices), and soul (balancing energies).

*Healing is a whole-body process which includes proper body (healthy foods/exercise and medical treatment where necessary), mind (learning coping techniques and therapy where necessary), and soul (energy work such as tai chi, yoga, meditation, Reiki, etc) work. Never replace medical services with Reiki Therapy for medical or mental health issues. In these cases, Reiki Therapy should be used as a complimentary therapy.

The Best Way to STOP Eating JUNK Food…

So you decide to change your diet. You remove all the junk food from your house and you feel great about it! But then you get hungry and nothing is made, so you desperately search until you find that one overlooked frozen pizza, way in the back of the freezer. At that point, what you are going to eat no longer matters. In fact, when you get to that point of hunger, your body is craving the most calories per bite. That pizza is heaven and you are going to enjoy it until every last bit of deliciousness is gone. Only then will you remember that you promised yourself you’d only eat healthy.

Having healthy foods ready is the key to that problem. When food is ready, you won’t wait until you are starving to eat, so you won’t crave higher calorie food and will be completely satisfied with the food you told yourself you would eat.


There are different types of food prepping, and you’ll want to try them all to see which one works for you. It can be as simple as buying the healthier pre-made foods in the store (think Amy’s brand), batch cooking and pulling from the batches all week, or batch cooking and having small meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner set and ready to grab. However you decide to prep your foods, there are key items you will need to make it through the week.


2 BATCHES OF PROTEIN...From Quickest to Highest Effort: Pre-marinated Tofu, Canned Beans or lentils, Pre-made Hummus, Peanut Butter, Tofu that you marinade, Quinoa, Buckwheat Noodles, Tempeh, bagged lentils or beans.

2 BATCHES OF WHOLE GRAINS/CARBS...From Quickest to Highest Effort: Whole Grain Bread or Pita, Corn, Oats, White Rice, Whole Grain Rice, Millet, Potatoes.

2 VEGGIES…Make one green! You can chop them for fresh eating (grabbing or salads) or later sauteing. You can also just cook them up on the day of prep so all you have to do is reheat when you’re ready to eat them. In a rush? Grab some canned veggies, it’s okay they are still good for you 🙂

1 VEGGIE-PACKED SOUP OR SALAD w/Tofu Chunks…Self explanatory. I can’t tell you how helpful this is to grab and go for lunches with a piece of fruit and small handful of nuts as you head out the door!

HEALTHY SNACKS…Pre-wash fruits and berries so you will actually eat them. You can also purchase pre-made trail mixes and nuts as well as minimal ingredient/whole grain crackers. And if you are trying to lose a little weight, be sure to have some pre-made raw veggies to snack on like celery or cauliflower!

BREAKFASTS…From Quickest to Highest Effort: Oats can be made the day of within 5 minutes, overnight oats can be made food-prep day and so can chia-pudding. Tofu scramble with added veggies in it is super filling and will last a few days in the fridge as well!

That’s it! Those are the ingredients, and if you choose the quicker items, you will most certainly be done within an hour!

I do want to mention that most foods hold up 4-5 days in the fridge, so for the most part, this will get you through the work week. However, if you want your meals to last longer, just plop some individual servings in the freezer!


The Author:
Sherry Maroon
Sherry is a life and health coach and Reiki Master and is available to help you!
You can reach her at 734-224-3884

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How to Best receive Distance Reiki from Home

Reiki is all about stress reduction and comfort. When you venture out to a Reiki practitioner’s office, you will step into a room that has the ambiance of a relaxing massage. Low lighting, a comfy massage table with extra blankets, essential oils, soft music, salt lamps, and maybe more. Comfort is key to a great session.

In my opinion, there are two parts to Reiki. The after effects that we feel the next day which is usually whatever we needed: more calm, less stress, more focus, more energy, etc. And the receiving, which takes place during treatment and is extremely relaxing. It is this portion that we, as practitioners, like to “pump up” with all the things listed in paragraph one to increase the relaxation factor.

If you are a busy person who truly cannot take time for yourself, kudos to you for getting distance Reiki to help you manage that stress. You may miss out on the “spa-relaxation” effect, but you will still receive Reiki’s effects simply by going throughout your day. The benefits should make themselves known the next morning.

If you are able to set aside the 45-60 minutes to receive your Reiki treatment in the comfortability of your own home, then for all things good…receive it the best way possible!

Here is a list of things you can do to make the most of that at-home treatment. You don’t need to do them all, but what you can do, you owe it to your beautiful self to take a few minutes to set it up. Do what resonates with you and is available to you. You can always add on more of these with future appointments:

13 Ways to Relax even more with At-Home-Reiki

  • Find a private room in your home where you won’t be disturbed
  • Clear your area of negative energy with a quick sweep-through of smoking sage (be sure it is completely smudged out before your session)
  • Light your favorite incense
  • Diffuse your favorite essential oil
  • Safely light a candle
    • Take your candle a step further if you’d like by selecting the color that resonates with whichever chakra you are focused on healing the most
      • White – Crown (connection to higher self)
      • Purple – Third Eye (connection to your sixth sense)
      • Blue – Throat (ability to speak your truth)
      • Green or Pink – Heart (self-love)
      • Yellow – Solar Plexus (empowerment)
      • Orange – Sacral (creativity)
      • Red or Black – Root (sense of security)
  • Turn on a salt lamp
  • Dim the lights
  • Find some massage or nature music on YouTube or whichever streaming app you listen to.
    • Be sure there are no yellow dots at the bottom of the YouTube video or your peaceful moment will be interrupted by an ad.
  • Sit or lay comfortably
  • Cover in a blanket, get cozy
  • Begin with a few deep breaths in and out (this, in itself, is a proven stress reducer)
  • Set a quick intention (state what benefit you would like to receive from the treatment)
  • Allow your body and mind to relax and just “be” for the remaining time
  • NOTE – Always drink plenty of water before and after Reiki to help with toxin release.
  • PLEASE BE CAREFUL- Reiki is known to put you into a meditative state. You should not drive while receiving Reiki or immediately after Reiki. You should also use caution with where you are receiving Reiki, for example you should not receive Reiki while in a bath, hot tub or any other accumulation of water as there is a chance of falling asleep. If you will be lighting candles or other items, be sure to set a timer so you wake up and turn them off to prevent any hazards.

Reiki is an amazing tool to help you find more calm and focus in your life. Setting yourself up to receive in a relaxed state will allow you to possibly feel the energy as it’s working, fall into a meditative state without even trying, or simply be more relaxed than what you were 60 minutes ago.

If you’d like to know more about Reiki, you can check out our FAQ page.

Sending love.

Be well.

About the author. Sherry Maroon is a life and nutrition coach as well as a Reiki Master. Making it through her own personal and life struggles is what brought her to her passion of helping others along their healing journey. You can learn more about Sherry at http://www.RiseAnew.Coach