Distance Reiki


Ultimately, the energy you receive with both distance and in person is the same. The difference is simply either coming in person to receive the one-on-one care with a heated massage table, music, candles, etc or receiving it at home, in which you are also able to set your area with music, candles and cozy blankets.

One perk of distance Reiki is clear when it comes to busy people. You can receive a full session of Reiki while going about your day. It is not suggested to receive it while driving or operating heavy machinery as it can make you slightly tired while receiving it, but you can 100% continue with the house and life maintenance that seems to fill your days. You will likely feel the benefits over the next few days with more energy to keep those busy days going, better reactions to stress, better sleep, or whatever it is your body and life need most.

Distance Reiki is great for everyone, but specifically for busy parents, busy caregivers of elderly parents, those who work over 50 hours a week, working college students, those who have a hard time leaving their home and anyone else who finds it hard to fit time in for themselves. Distance Reiki is a way to care for yourself even when your schedule or current situation tries to determine otherwise.