Rise Anew’s Institute for Reiki


Welcome! Reiki is an amazing gift to have and I love sharing it with others whether it be during a Reiki treatment or passing this amazing ability to students. Reiki is a healing and extremely calming energy, and I believe everyone can benefit from tapping into this ability.

Sherry Maroon, CLC, CRMT, owner

Hello! My name is Sherry, and I’ve been practicing Reiki since 2019. Not only has it transformed my life, but as a practitioner and master/teacher, I have watched Reiki transform the lives of many others!

There are many forms of energy work popping up everywhere. You can be confident that the connection to energy that you receive through myself is for Reiki Healing Energy. My lineage passes through only four other Reiki Masters before me, ultimately leading back to the founder of Reiki in Japan, Mikao Usui. Upon completion of classes & attunements with Rise Anew, you too will be able to trace your lineage directly to Mikao Usui.

Training at Rise Anew’s Institute for Reiki is:

  • Extremely easy
    • Each of the four levels only takes one 8-hour (or less) class
  • Complete with
    • Training
    • Rise Anew’s own manual
    • Attunement (connection to the energy)
    • Practice
    • Certificates
    • Optional additional guidance every 2nd Tuesday of the month (dates vary on rare occasions)
  • Available online and virtual everywhere as well as in-person in Wyandotte Michigan
  • Affordable
    • Monthly payment plans are available
    • Full-Pay discounts are available

Receiving your practitioner and higher certificate at Rise Anew allows others to know that you have not only received your attunement (connection to Reiki) and basic hand placements, but that you have had time between levels to practice on multiple recipients and have had continued guidance where needed in order to become the best Reiki practitioner you can be! You can complete Level 1 (self-heal) in 1 day or go all the way to Level 4 (teacher) within 1-3 years, based on when you decide to take the different levels.

At Rise Anew, my overall goal is to help people learn what their unique happiness is and to help bring it in. I do this with coaching and with Reiki. Both Reiki sessions and Reiki training.

Reiki training is not limited to practitioners!

While I train my students to be amazing practitioners, I also train and encourage them to work with the energy on themselves daily, as self-Reiki holds amazing results! This means my program is not limited to those wanting to be practitioners! I welcome you to come learn Reiki so you can use it on your own personal journey however you see fit. You can also decide how far you would like to go. Level 1 is perfect for self-healing. Go further if you’d like to go deeper and have more fun and/or heal deeper. Also go deeper if you’d like to become a practitioner. This is your Reiki journey!

If you aren’t sure whether or not you want to get connected to Reiki energy and want to learn more, jump into the first portion of one of my virtual Level 1 classes for free! Yup, free! You can decide the same day if you’d like to stay for the full class (based on available spots) and start working with the energy immediately!

If you would simply like to introduce yourself to Reiki with a treatment, I have you covered…click HERE!

Full schedule for levels beyond level 2 are available upon request and also during/after level 1 training.