Welcome to Rise Anew. I am the founder, Sherry, and my main goal is to provide you with ways to find more energy, calm, happiness and fulfillment in your life.

I specialize in the reduction of life’s stress as well as helping you to manifest the life you want. We all deserve to feel loved, free, and happy. Whatever that looks like for you, know that it is possible. It simply takes some adjustments to your daily routine, mindset, and willingness to let go of whatever has been holding you back.

Reiki Therapy
(starting at $65)
(starting at $65)

The holistic/alternative services I provide are Reiki and Life Coaching. Nutrition plays a part in our overall wellbeing, and that is intermingled in both services when and where it fits for you. Depending on your needs and what resonates with you, together we will create a plan that includes one or all of these so you can start living the joyful life you deserve with less stress and more happiness.

Best Vibes Always!


Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master.
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