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Welcome to Rise Anew. I am the founder, Sherry, and my main goal is to help you release the old and step into the new so you can find that happier you.

Your transformation is waiting!

I specialize in pain reduction and emotional trauma release through Reiki and further specialize in helping stressed, under-appreciated, overly-giving women take empowering steps towards a life that makes them happy through life coaching. My coaching format incorporates one-on-one sessions with tailored steps to each individual and accountability as well as bonus reiki sessions and downloads with meditations, affirmations and “dig-deep” journaling prompts. When you think you “can’t”, you just need someone to help guide you to the way that you “can”.

Best Vibes Always!


Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master.

Contact (734) 224-3884 or Sherry@RiseAnew.coach