So you decide to change your diet. You remove all the junk food from your house and you feel great about it! But then you get hungry and nothing is made, so you desperately search until you find that one overlooked frozen pizza, way in the back of the freezer. At that point, what you are going to eat no longer matters. In fact, when you get to that point of hunger, your body is craving the most calories per bite. That pizza is heaven and you are going to enjoy it until every last bit of deliciousness is gone. Only then will you remember that you promised yourself you’d only eat healthy.

Having healthy foods ready is the key to that problem. When food is ready, you won’t wait until you are starving to eat, so you won’t crave higher calorie food and will be completely satisfied with the food you told yourself you would eat.


There are different types of food prepping, and you’ll want to try them all to see which one works for you. It can be as simple as buying the healthier pre-made foods in the store (think Amy’s brand), batch cooking and pulling from the batches all week, or batch cooking and having small meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner set and ready to grab. However you decide to prep your foods, there are key items you will need to make it through the week.


2 BATCHES OF PROTEIN...From Quickest to Highest Effort: Pre-marinated Tofu, Canned Beans or lentils, Pre-made Hummus, Peanut Butter, Tofu that you marinade, Quinoa, Buckwheat Noodles, Tempeh, bagged lentils or beans.

2 BATCHES OF WHOLE GRAINS/CARBS...From Quickest to Highest Effort: Whole Grain Bread or Pita, Corn, Oats, White Rice, Whole Grain Rice, Millet, Potatoes.

2 VEGGIES…Make one green! You can chop them for fresh eating (grabbing or salads) or later sauteing. You can also just cook them up on the day of prep so all you have to do is reheat when you’re ready to eat them. In a rush? Grab some canned veggies, it’s okay they are still good for you 🙂

1 VEGGIE-PACKED SOUP OR SALAD w/Tofu Chunks…Self explanatory. I can’t tell you how helpful this is to grab and go for lunches with a piece of fruit and small handful of nuts as you head out the door!

HEALTHY SNACKS…Pre-wash fruits and berries so you will actually eat them. You can also purchase pre-made trail mixes and nuts as well as minimal ingredient/whole grain crackers. And if you are trying to lose a little weight, be sure to have some pre-made raw veggies to snack on like celery or cauliflower!

BREAKFASTS…From Quickest to Highest Effort: Oats can be made the day of within 5 minutes, overnight oats can be made food-prep day and so can chia-pudding. Tofu scramble with added veggies in it is super filling and will last a few days in the fridge as well!

That’s it! Those are the ingredients, and if you choose the quicker items, you will most certainly be done within an hour!

I do want to mention that most foods hold up 4-5 days in the fridge, so for the most part, this will get you through the work week. However, if you want your meals to last longer, just plop some individual servings in the freezer!


The Author:
Sherry Maroon
Sherry is a life and health coach and Reiki Master and is available to help you!
You can reach her at 734-224-3884

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