Energize with Reiki

A very common benefit I see among my clients is the “oomph” effect of Reiki. The get-up-and-go feeling that many people often feel depleted of because of current life losses, demands or situations.

It’s usually when they walk into the second visit that I hear all about how they were able to get so much more done than they have in a long time. In some instances it is the ability to move off the couch and begin living life again.

After that second appointment many of my clients will literally feel lighter as I begin pulling stagnant energy (accumulated stress and old emotions) from their bodies. And from there, it only gets better for them.

Want to know how Reiki could work for you? Click the link below to schedule a distance or Wyandotte MI in-person session and experience the benefits of a one-on-one, specific-to-you Reiki treatment!

I have also created this one-hour energy video that you can use to boost your energy for certain projects or work that you need to get done. Just know that Reiki is extremely calming. Even though I have upbeat music in the video to help you “go”, you may still fall asleep from that calming effect before waking up energized. Try it out and let me know in this blogpost or in the video comments how it worked for you!